Last Modified: September 26, 2018

Welcome to Armchair Quarterback. Please take a moment to read these Official Rules carefully.

We reserve the right to modify or cancel contest(s) at any time without notice to you.




1. Register as a user.

  • You must create a valid Armchair Quarterback User ID and submit your Date of Birth to play. We offer a variety of interfaces and content some of which are not appropriate for all ages. We filter content for the following age groups 13 and under, 13 to 18, 18 to 21, 21+.


2. Find a Game and PLAY

  • Once logged in, the “Schedule Screen” lists live and upcoming games for the NFL and NCAA. If a live game is on right now you can jump in and play.

  • You can only play in one game at a time.

  • If there is a live game, tap the    to start playing.

  • Select you level of difficulty (Rookie or Coach mode) from the gameplay screen.

    • In Rookie Mode You predict simply RUN or PASS

    • Coach Mode adds the challenge of selecting from the following:

      • RUN: Left, Center, or Right

      • PASS: Short, Medium, or Long

    • You always have the opportunity to change your gameplay mode.


3. Predict the Plays In Real Time

  • Predict the next play by selecting one of the boxes on your screen.

  • Your selection turns Dark Blue. You can change your selection until the timer expires.

  • Make your prediction quickly. The timer will expire at the SOONER of 3 to 5 seconds after the break of the huddle or the snap in a “hurry up” offence. You may not allow you to see the play formation.

  • Make a prediction for every play or skip one – it’s up to you. Just remember you don’t earn any points for sitting on the sidelines.

  • Watch out for the fly-in questions. There are opportunities to bonus up your points if you answer bonus questions throughout the game.