Armchair Quarterback is committed to maintaining your trust and we want you to understand when and with whom we may share information collected about you. We never share information we receive from you unless: (i) we have your permission to share that information, e.g., a specific program that you can opt-into or opt-out of at any time; (ii) we have given you prior notice that the information will be shared, and with whom (such as in this Privacy Policy); or (iii) the information is General Information, e.g., aggregate information or other information that does not identify you. Armchair Quarterback may use and disclose General Information without limitation.

Armchair Quarterback may share your Personal Information as set forth in the following circumstances:

  • Third Parties Providing Services On Our Behalf. In order to carry out your requests, to make various features, services and materials available to you through the Armchair Quarterback Service, and to respond to your inquiries, we may share your Personal Information with third parties that perform functions on our behalf (or on behalf of our affiliates). These may include, for example, companies or individuals that host or operate the Armchair Quarterback Service, analyze data or provide customer service; advertisers; merchants, sponsors or other third parties that participate in or administer our contests or promotions or provide marketing or promotional assistance (such as in connection with the Armchair Quarterback Rewards Program or processing payments); and partners in co-branded sites or sites that state that they are “powered by” either us or third party partners. We may also use your Personal Information or share it with our subsidiaries, affiliates, sponsors, partners, advertisers or other third parties to provide you with product information and promotional and other offers.

  • Your Agreement To Have Your Personal Information Shared. While using the Armchair Quarterback Service, you may have the opportunity to opt-in to receive information and/or marketing offers from someone else or to otherwise consent to the sharing of your information with a third party, including social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. If you request products, services, or other information that may be offered by us or third party merchants as part of the Armchair Quarterback Service, or otherwise agree to have your Personal Information shared, your Personal Information (including, if required, contact information, financial information (such as account or credit card numbers)) will be disclosed to the third party and the Personal Information you disclose will be subject to the privacy policy and business practices of that third party.

  • Business Transfers. We may share your Personal Information with other entities and affiliates in the family of companies controlled by Armchair Quarterback for business and operational purposes. As we continue to develop our business, we may sell or purchase assets. If another entity acquires us or all or substantially all of our assets, or assets related to the Armchair Quarterback Service, Personal Information about you may be disclosed to such entity as part of the due diligence process and will be transferred, in whole or in part, to such entity as one of the transferred assets. If so, we will seek to obligate the acquiring entity to use any information transferred in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy, but cannot guarantee that it will be able to impose that requirement or that the acquiring company will comply. Also, if any bankruptcy or reorganization proceeding is brought by or against us, all such information may be considered one of our assets and as such may be sold or transferred to third parties.

  • Legal Disclosure. In addition, we may transfer and disclose information, including your Personal Information to third parties to comply with our legal obligations; when we believe that the law requires it; at the request of governmental authorities conducting an investigation; to verify or enforce the Armchair Quarterback Terms of Use or other applicable policies; to respond to an emergency; or otherwise to protect the rights, property, safety, or security of third parties, visitors to the Armchair Quarterback Service or the public.